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Vlad creates dynamic visuals with a captivating storyline to guide the viewer. His creative outlook underpins all of his works - in a crafty choice of focal points, imaginative camera work, and a light-hearted atmosphere. The catchy Point of View films is a good example of a spot-on quirky angle for an engaging product film.


Vlad is a Latvian cinematographer from Riga, Latvia where he first started working in video production at the age of sixteen. After several years working as an editor and a cameraman in various small production companies he moved on to work for a TV channel as a cameraman while studying electronics and telecommunication engineering at Riga Technical University.
A few years later, Vlad gets an offer from a film school and moves to London.

Within a few weeks of living in London, Vlad becomes a freelance DOP and starts working on a vast variety of projects.

By 2020, Vlad has travelled to more than 45 countries where he shot TV shows, feature documentaries, commercials, fashion films, and music videos. He has established a broad professional connections network within the film industry all over the world as well as founded a contemporary product photography studio space in London.  

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